Organic cosmetics - Innovative formulas

Innovative formulas

Experience products with distinctive features and exceptional compositions that promise to elevate your skincare routine, leaving your skin with an unparalleled sensation of luxury

Organic ingredients

Exclusively sourced from natural ingredients cultivated without pesticides and with minimal human intervention

Personalized actions

Care and treatment methods customized to suit the specific needs of each client's dermatological profile


means "by nature"

eXnatura is an innovative organic cosmetics and dietary supplements company 

Founded by Katerina Symeonidou in 2018, the seeds of eXnatura were sown back in 2013.

During this period of extensive research, which continues steadfastly to this day, we delved into the efficacy of natural ingredients, synergizing them with cutting-edge scientific advancements. The culmination of this effort is a product line we're truly proud of.

Katerina Simeonidou

Your Care, Our Passion!


Embrace Excellence:

Pure ingredients,
Powerful Results,
Unbeatable Value!


WOW de-Puff

Say Goodbye to Toxic Cleaners!
Experience the WOW with our De-Puff Sponge!

Unlock the Power of WOW with Our Makeup Remover Sponge! Effortlessly Remove Even the Toughest Waterproof Makeup and Skin Impurities with Just Water!

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Revolutionary Diagnostic Care!

Unlock Tailored Treatment Recommendations for Your Face, Body, Hair, Oral Health, and Intimate Areas!


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