From morning to night and for 24 hours the color remains constant, same is the coverage thanks to Color-Adjust technology. In heat, humidity, even in extreme conditions, remains unaltered! It’s waterproof, it does not even dirt your white shirt or black jacket. He is your loyal companion!

Day by day, organic ingredients help to “balance” the skin. Improves its texture and removes imperfections resulting in a beautiful, healthy skin.

It adjusts to the color of your skin, becomes “one” with it, so you do not have to worry about the correct tint. It is available in two shades to choose the tone you want and which best suits your skin: Natural Vanilla with Pink Tone and Warm Beige with Beige Tone. Stylish packaging with its mirror, fits in the smallest bag!

It is used alone in the morning and provides you with a fresh and flawless 24-hour make-up effect, as it is, CC-Concealer-Foundation-Powder cream with sun protection.
It is also the ideal solution for refreshing the skin at any time of the day, on the beach or at your evening out.


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