The London Hair Restoration Training Academy specializes in restoring lost hair and invests in innovative research projects to develop new technologies, therapies and products for holistic treatment, prevention and in-depth diagnosis of hair loss, in collaboration with the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, proposes the use of products containing provitamin B5 complexes, wheat proteins, phospholipids, hippocampus. Our products contain all the mentioned and more! That is why we guarantee their effectiveness, provided you are faithful / loyal to their use. It takes consistency that will deliver what you dream.

Discover the hair loss serum Give me hair! by eXnatura with phospholipids, organic extracts of Hippophae  and Canadian willow, for strength in hair follicles, luster and density!

In combination with shampoo for strength and unsurpassed shine Give me shine! with provitamin B5, wheat proteins and organic extracts of banana and orange, further enhance the effects of serum.

Finish with the mask Keep the shine! with fresh orange and banana extracts and “lock” the glow and nourishment!

Tip: Always apply the products with a few minutes massage to achieve the hyperemia necessary to transfer the active ingredients more deeply into the hair follicles.

All our dermocosmetics are vegan, cruelty free, with organic ingredients certified by international certification organizations such as ECOCERT and COSMOS NATURAL.


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